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"...but then history does not only consist of documents."

- John Lukacs

It is official. I am GRADUATED

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, between graduation and packing up my apartment things have been a bit chaotic. Here’s some pictures of me, the AE, Mom and Daddy Muse, and some of my wonderful classmates and friends. It has been an amazing couple of years, and it still hasn’t really sunk in that it is all over!

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A Summary of How I Feel Now That My Thesis is Ready to Print (as seen through Disney gifs)

First, there is the exhaustion. 

Because sometimes things were very frustrating.

But then came a sense of accomplishment.

It makes me feel a bit like singing.

And dancing around in circles.

And maybe a maniacal cackle here and there.

Because, come this Saturday, I will magically transform from a lowly student to a real, grown up, Museum Professional. Who likes Disney.

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I’m writing the dedication and acknowledgement pages for my thesis, and I’m pretty sure that both Diet Coke and Aleve need to go in here somewhere. Yup.

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My exhibit group spent the last two days matting, framing, and beginning to install our exhibit. We have one wall down, two walls and a wall sized banner left to go. It has been a really amazing process so far, and though stress levels have been high we’re getting the job done and done well. I can’t wait to show you photos of the finished product!

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The lesson from today’s grant writing class:

If a potential grantor offers you sheep testicles, you should eat them. 

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Our exhibit meeting went FOUR HOURS tonight. It was all important things, and we were actually really on task, there was just a ton of stuff to get done. I, of course, made the mistake of not eating before I went since I was at the gym right before, and needless to say by the end I was not a happy camper. The big thing was choosing what photographs we want to use in our exhibit. Then we measured them versus our walls, and narrowed down some more. Then we actually tried to come up with layouts for each wall, and narrowed down again. 

We also talked about the overall mood of the exhibition, including fonts and colors for the walls. It would be nice if we had a really nice pantone booklet, but unfortunately we only have one for our whole class and it is fairly small. 

I also just spent the last two hours making a digital mock-up of each of our walls, so we could sort of see the spacing of things and the colors before we start pinning holes in our white model. I think it’ll work well, if you’re at all interested I can try to post some of that on here for you. I’m actually pretty proud of it. I even did math. MATH, you guys!

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Making white models is fun!

Making white models is fun!

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People breathing in your exhibit spaces will raise the humidity of the room, which could impact your objects.

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Today was one of those days…

where you come home, sit down, and just want to bang your head against something for awhile.

First, I would like to say that the group for my exhibit project is great. They are wonderful women, are extremely smart and talented, and I am really glad to be working with each of them. I got a little irritated during our meeting this afternoon, but once I reminded myself that I was frustrated with the situation and not them I was fine. They are awesome.

Our exhibit project keeps running into roadblocks, and while the other groups are already forming outlines and design ideas, we’ve scrapped our second concept and are searching for a new one. The difficulty is that we were assigned an exhibit that utilizes the photographs of a former professor/museum staff member who passed away last fall. He has some great pictures, but we are feeling like we should do more than an art exhibit.

The problem is, any time we move away from simply highlighting his photography (which his wife, daughter, and our professor have all suggested we do) using his photos becomes a constraint rather than a benefit. The focus shifts, and we are struggling with how to use his photographs and still tell a worthwhile story. Our initial idea was looking at Main Street (through his lens) and examining the different changes that have occurred. This didn’t seem like a lively enough topic; no real debate, and how would it be any different than something you’d see in any  historical society?

So, we shifted to talking about the impact baseball’s national popularity has had on the commercial aspect of main street. We know that there was a lot of turnover, especially in the ‘90’s, but are having a hard time pinning down any legit sources that tell us why. I’m tapping into my friends at the HoF, but in the meantime we’re looking to see if there is a separate, non-main st. topic that we missed. Other current possibilities are the workshops he taught, or the lake that the village is built around. 

Got home today and was just one big ball of stress. I seriously contemplated eating the microwave cake cup thing my housemate bought me for Christmas, but decided to be good and went to the gym instead. Ran, lifted, did a little bit of barre work and am feeling better. Then, instead of eating the cake, I had a salad, some peas, the rest of an apple turkey sausage i grilled up, and okay now I’m eating some chocolate but only a little handful of semi-sweet morsels instead of the big cup o’ cake thing. Also I opened my last bottle of my favorite wine, which I can only buy in Iowa, but it was that sort of a night guys. 

Okay. I am going to keep eating my chocolate, finish my glass of wine, read a book nobody told me to and I am sure that tomorrow, I’ll be feeling less like this:

more like this: 

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Although it might sometimes seem like my classmates and I are all work and no play, we still know how to have a good time. Every year, Cooperstown hosts the Winter Carnival, which is a weekend long festival with lots of competitions, a polar plunge, a parade, and a lip sync show. My program has a history of competing, and this year was no exception. Although I was out of town for the weekend, some of my friends were nice enough to record the performance, and I thought I’d share it with you! Although they didn’t win, they seemed like they all had a lot of fun putting it together. 

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