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"...but then history does not only consist of documents."

- John Lukacs

Local History Education

So in my museum education class today, we talked about New York State Standards for 4th grade, which focuses on local/state history. For New York, that covers a LOT of history.

I grew up in Iowa, and I remember a little bit about the Civil War’s impact on the state. 

So this is my question. The farther west you go, does that mean you have “less” history to cover, so can focus more in-depth on certain topics?

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  2. arizodiac answered: wow, you worded that so beautifully! (especially that last paragraph) i hope to move out to phoenix one day..
  3. misregarded answered: Depends? I’m from Arizona, so there’s a LOT of pre-columbian America, colonizing, and Native American history to learn.
  4. shoryukencallme answered: Especially in the former Spanish territories, there is a wealth of history to study before the British colonies.
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    Passing this one along to some guy I know doin’ history of the American west.