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"...but then history does not only consist of documents."

- John Lukacs

[NCM-MEDIA] UPDATE: National Corvette Museum - Sinkhole Collapses in Skydome Media Alert

My heart just breaks for them. I cannot even imagine having this happen. Sinkholes are definitely not something we covered in our emergency plan.

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Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone's Heart Collectively Melts

These are the sort of programs I wish I had more time to facilitate. This is fantastic. 

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That’s what I call a weather map!

Remember that animated wind map of the United States from a while back? Well, now there’s one of the whole earth! You’ve got to check out the interactive site (which is updated with near current weather) because these images don’t do it justice. YOU CAN ORBIT THE EARTH! YOU CAN ZOOM! YOU CAN SEE WIND SUPERIMPOSED ON TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND CLOUDS. Standing ovation to developer Cameron Beccario! (and thanks to my friend Alice Anderson for giving me the heads up)

If this were made into an art exhibit, I would lay in the middle of the floor and just stare for hours. Seriously.

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Anonymous asked: What is the status with the open curator position at your site? Any front runners? Do you plan on applying?

Well, I suppose the status would be that we have an open curator position. We haven’t started interviewing people yet, so I have not looked at any applications. Hopefully we’ll get some good candidates! I know that they have said that when I applied, I was one of over 40 applicants. 

As for whether or not I will apply, the position is more of a curatorial/collections care role. While I know the basics of collections management, and love doing exhibits, it will be nice to have someone with more experience. Plus, I love working with the ed programs :)

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Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham | Answers in Genesis

Four hours, twenty-four minutes and counting!

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Working on my site’s budget. There is not enough Diet Coke in the world.

Working on my site’s budget. There is not enough Diet Coke in the world.

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When you visit a new museum for the first time.



Look, we may air a lot of grievances here, but we’re still capable of joy. 

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Some days work is normal. And some days you get carbon monoxide poisoning. Awesome. 

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20 Wonderful Online Museums and Sites for Virtual Field Trips


See on - Education Matters - (tech and non-tech)

See on

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I’m working on the narrative for our next exhibit. To be honest, I was not excited about this one. The concept was put together by our interim assistant curator, but she had her baby and left before she really got her teeth into it. She wanted to feature the shoes in our collection, and textiles have never really been my thing. 

Instead of just a regular here look at some clothes exhibit, we’re telling stories through the shoes. Whether the maker, the owner, or the activity associated with them, each one has a different story to tell.

Initially, we’d passed over one pair of red and black children’s shoes because we knew nothing about them. They are one of the orphans of a collection. No provenance, no name associated with them, nobody knows where they came from. 

But then I started to think…isn’t that a story onto itself? So, here’s what we’ve got so far. Let me know what you think:

"Do you know who I belonged to? I am the shoes without a story. At least, without an official one. No one knows who wore me, and I cannot remember. And yet, looking at me, you can tell at least part of who I was. Because of my size and my style, I likely belonged to a little girl. Did my little girl skip down the sidewalk with me on her feet? Did she swing me back and forth, dangling from a chair because her legs could not reach the floor?

How did I come to my little girl? Did she see me at the store and pick me out because she liked the color red, or was I purchased for her? Perhaps she owned a special red dress that I matched perfectly, one that she wore for her birthday or for holidays. I do not have many scuff marks, so maybe that was the case. I have one button. Could she fasten it herself? 

As much as I wish I could, I cannot tell my own story without your help. It is up to you to look closely at me and see what clues were left behind. What do you think my story is?”

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