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"...but then history does not only consist of documents."

- John Lukacs

“…the museum is there to save the collection; the collection is not there to save the museum”

— American Alliance of Museum’s President Ford W. Bell, in response to the Delaware Museum of Art’s announcement that it will sell four pieces of their collection to pay debts and to fund their endowment. 

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Got a call this morning from the artist slated to do an exhibit next summer. We feature local artists, mostly painters, but some variety. Anyway, she called to say she has to cancel the exhibit because she has been so successful she’s sold a number of her paintings she’d planned on exhibiting, and they’re now spread all over the country.

Awesome for her, sad for us. 

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Study Finds a Gender Gap at the Top Museums

Happy International Women’s Day!

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When the entire Education department is out sick and a non-educator has to cover the Activity Room.



Also the fact that, no matter how much airborne and zinc we chug, the Ed department WILL get sick at least once during the field trip season.

(Source: whenyouworkatamuseum)

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How George Washington Has Three Birthdays

Minor point of clarification, the calendar didn’t “shift” eleven days, they simply skipped them. As in, you went directly from Day 1, went to sleep, and woke up on Day 11, do not pass go. 

The end result is that George Washington had two dates he celebrated his birthday, and we now celebrate it on an entirely different day, today. Happy Birthday, George. 

On a side note, I’m really interested in learning how well and exactly when the switch over to Gregorian happened in my area. Did the Dutch families, who were technically British subjects but still speaking Dutch and living in a very Dutch fashion, go along with it?

Did they switch over between September 2nd and 14th of 1752 with the rest of America? Were they already there with the Catholic States of the Netherlands, who switched between 1582 and 1583? They were Dutch Reformed, so did they follow the Protestant States of the Netherlands and switch in 1700-1701? I haven’t yet figured out the answer, as I haven’t really had time to figure it out, but I have some volunteers who have been asking for research ideas and maybe this is one I can give them. 

Posted February 17th, 2014 .

[NCM-MEDIA] UPDATE: National Corvette Museum - Sinkhole Collapses in Skydome Media Alert

My heart just breaks for them. I cannot even imagine having this happen. Sinkholes are definitely not something we covered in our emergency plan.

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Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone's Heart Collectively Melts

These are the sort of programs I wish I had more time to facilitate. This is fantastic. 

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That’s what I call a weather map!

Remember that animated wind map of the United States from a while back? Well, now there’s one of the whole earth! You’ve got to check out the interactive site (which is updated with near current weather) because these images don’t do it justice. YOU CAN ORBIT THE EARTH! YOU CAN ZOOM! YOU CAN SEE WIND SUPERIMPOSED ON TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND CLOUDS. Standing ovation to developer Cameron Beccario! (and thanks to my friend Alice Anderson for giving me the heads up)

If this were made into an art exhibit, I would lay in the middle of the floor and just stare for hours. Seriously.

(via npr)

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Anonymous said: What is the status with the open curator position at your site? Any front runners? Do you plan on applying?

Well, I suppose the status would be that we have an open curator position. We haven’t started interviewing people yet, so I have not looked at any applications. Hopefully we’ll get some good candidates! I know that they have said that when I applied, I was one of over 40 applicants. 

As for whether or not I will apply, the position is more of a curatorial/collections care role. While I know the basics of collections management, and love doing exhibits, it will be nice to have someone with more experience. Plus, I love working with the ed programs :)

Posted February 5th, 2014.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham | Answers in Genesis

Four hours, twenty-four minutes and counting!

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