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"...but then history does not only consist of documents."

- John Lukacs

I have been very lucky in life to have had many opportunities to travel across the United States and Western Europe. Twice, once in the fall of 2007 and once in the spring of 2009, I had the opportunity to visit Normandy, France. Those trips are still among the most moving experiences of my life, in particular walking along the sand on Omaha Beach. I was also lucky on my first trip to accompany a good friend whose grandfather was the first American paratrooper to land in Normandy. His story is pretty remarkable. 

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Why we insist that school groups have chaperones.


Or worse.

Also, doing this for the entire visit is not chaperoning. 

Yes the last part!!

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Over the winter I applied for my first grant. I’d assisted with others, but this one was my baby. And we just got the letter in the mail……we got it! 


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When you get an email like this from a patron...


The director of an art museum forwarded this email to his staff.

[Name of Director],

Thanks for your many years of service. I visit the museum on Wednesdays after my 2-3pm counseling sessions with the vet center for my ptsd from a place called Viet Nam.

The 30 - 45 minutes I walk…

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5 Ways to Celebrate National Park Week

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if my family hadn’t spent so many vacations visiting National Park’s around the country, I would not have gone into this field. I still have a caboodle full of Jr. Ranger badges in my bedroom at my parent’s house. I know I’m not the only one whose life was improved by the NPS, so please take the time to support them!

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Some days at work I get two great groups of visitors who ask really thought provoking questions, and I’m like:

Then some days, I have a donor ask if she can come in and see her donation, but she’s not sure which site it went to, and can they maybe just take it back with them, and I’m like:

And then when on that same day, one of my committee members neglects to include me on what I consider a pretty major decision, I’m like: 

Except instead of waffles, I’m going to get Panera mac & cheese, and it will all be alright.

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Into day 8 with no break. Museums in Action was awesome. Always inspiring and refreshing to talk with others about their successes and their challenges. Sleep now, hopefully will recap soon!

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Mind blown. Vinyl printed panels on multi density fiber board. All you need to do is design to the same size, get the vinyl printed, and peel off the old one. Amazing.

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Museums make you happier and less lonely, studies find

  1. Museums make you less anxious
  2. Museums reduce stress
  3. Museums have the same effect on your well-being as a raise
  4. Museums have a greater impact on your well-being than playing a sport
  5. Museums make you less lonely
  6. Museums are good for the economy

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“…the museum is there to save the collection; the collection is not there to save the museum”

— American Alliance of Museum’s President Ford W. Bell, in response to the Delaware Museum of Art’s announcement that it will sell four pieces of their collection to pay debts and to fund their endowment. 

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